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King George supes: Help clean up Route 3

Date published: 4/24/2013

As a resident of King George County for over 12 years, I've wanted to write and express how I feel, as well as others I've talked to, about the trash along State Route 3 east starting at the "Welcome to King George" sign into the county, to the road where the dump is located.

It's a shame to enter such a beautiful county and all you see is trash on the side of the roads, in the median strips and even in the trees hanging down over the road. It does not give a good impression to travelers coming into and leaving our county and entering the "Gateway to the Northern Neck," as the sign reads.

I would hope the supervisors in our county would try to find a way to deal with and find a way to help correct this never-ending problem. I know with the volume of trash trucks that come into and leave our county, it's almost a full-time job to keep our roads clear of debris. Something needs to be done so that coming over the county line doesn't look like we've entered the dump itself. I've seen inmates from the Rappahannock Regional Jail cleaning up along the roads in Stafford County, but they don't seem to go any farther into our county, which could possibly be a solution to help with this problem.

My husband and I take great pride in keeping our property clean and I would hope that the county of King George would want to do the same with its roadways.

Barbara Brinklow

King George