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You want to pay more taxes? Feel free!

Date published: 4/25/2013

You want to pay more taxes? Feel free!

This letter is in regard to the three King George residents who spoke at the King George Board of Supervisors meeting recently ["Some want increased K.G. taxes," April 17].

I would say to them--as I would say to Warren Buffett if given the chance--if you want to pay more taxes, I am absolutely certain that the U.S. Treasury, the Virginia Department of Taxation, and the King George treasurer would gladly accept any additional money you would care to donate, and might even be willing to earmark said donations to pay for your favorite projects. Provided, of course, that you remitted sufficient funds to fully cover the expenditures!

Given the state of taxation that we are all burdened with, and the debt that is ever-increasing that we will pass along to future generations--most people (the vast majority) think we are Taxed Enough Already!

Richard Lorey

King George