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A park for history page 2
The Stafford Civil War Park opens on Saturday

Date published: 4/25/2013


This Saturday is the big opening of the park. Visitors (except for the disabled) should plan to leave their vehicles at the Brooke Road VRE Station and take a shuttle to the park. Expect re-enactors, tours, historians, a demonstration of cannon fire, a field hospital, period musicians and more to be on hand.

Fittingly, Saturday also marks the 150th anniversary of the day the Union Army left South Stafford to march to meet the Confederates at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Although they returned, they would leave for good a short time later as Gen. Lee drew them toward Gettysburg.

Most of us live our lives oblivious to what's gone on before us, to what shaped the land and influenced past generations. The SCCWP aims to remedy that. A hearty "thank you" to Mr. Trimmer and Mr. Newton for the positive contribution they've made to this community.

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