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Help a woman make the right 'choice'

Date published: 4/28/2013

Help a woman make the right 'choice'

A woman is considering abortion. Right-to-life advocates have their answer. They say the woman should carry the pregnancy full-term--and if she is unable to keep the newborn, she should give the child to an adoptive couple.

How easy it is to tell someone else what she should do.

There is an alterative--not passing punitive and restrictive laws, but where we all accept more responsibility and give the woman a real choice, a real alternative to abortion, where she may keep her child.

Encourage elected officials and be willing to pay more taxes to guarantee good child care, a safe neighborhood, quality health care, and a good education for her child.

She will be freer to choose life and not have an abortion or feel compelled to give her child away.

Bob Seward