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Why, oh why, does the FLS run Reed's rants?

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Date published: 4/28/2013

The mystery of The Free Lance-Star's fascination with the utterances of Fred Reed continues ["Love, sweet love: World has little for the USA," April 20].

Regarding alleged U.S. abuse and exploitation of Mexicans, millions of Mexicans risk life and limb to migrate to El Norte and the land of the evil gringo.

They, no doubt, appreciate what is good about America, unlike Reed. Regarding the "Pershing incursion," Reed must have forgotten the Battle of Columbus (1916), during which Mexican forces under Pancho Villa raided a U.S. settlement in New Mexico.

Gen. Pershing was dispatched to capture Villa for the wanton murder of citizens and theft of property, not exactly an unprovoked "incursion" into noble Mexico.

Believe it or not, many in the Fredericksburg area have as thorough a knowledge of world history as Reed. They are secure in their knowledge and thankful for their opportunities to attain it, and do not find it necessary to treat others condescendingly.

If leftists felt the same way, perhaps our country would not be facing a $16 trillion-plus deficit owing to the "enlightened" believing they know what is best for the unwashed masses.

If Reed has any credible evidence that the U.S. fought in Iraq solely for oil, empire, and the Israel lobby, it would be interesting to see.

His comments have him dangerously close to emerging from the fever swamp of the "Jews run the country" lunatic fringe.

Reed attributes to a "clueless crowd" the thinking that Iran is an "evil Arab country." Surely, he knows Iranians are Persian.

Please, let Reed fade into obscurity in Mexico. The FLS restricts letters to 300 words, for I am told that "space is valuable." Reed's missives put this statement into question.

Gary Long