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Spotsy mural should be more multicultural

Date published: 4/29/2013

Spotsy mural should be more multicultural

The Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors ignored the request from community members and Virginia Organizing when asked to include a more diverse representation of Spotsylvania's residents on the mural in its meeting room. The mural in the boardroom paints only a scene of early European Americans and leaves out the foundational contributions of Native Americans and African-Americans who also greatly contributed to the progress of the county. This public space should convey an appreciation for all Spotsylvania residents, and local government should be leaders in its commitment to represent diverse backgrounds.

Those who have been working on this project for more than a year want to know: Why did the board decide not to include the stories of people of color in its boardroom? In the entire county budget, isn't $1,000 a small price to pay to address the long history of exclusion of people of color in Virginia? We would like the board to answer these questions, and consider supporting this project that would mean so much to so many residents. The cost of the new panels is minimal while the cost of institutionalized racism is immense.

Trisha Hindy Martin