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Highways and byways: Has Virginia no shame?

Date published: 5/6/2013

I am amazed at what seems to be a lack of planning and foresight when it comes to Northern Virginia's streets and highways. I'm a relative newcomer to the Fredericksburg area, having moved to Virginia from Utah a little over half a year ago. Prior to moving to Virginia, I had been routinely traveling to the D.C. area for 12 years, visiting my youngest daughter after she moved here.

Outside of rebuilding Interstate 495 through Virginia, what of significance has taken place? I-95 has been a huge pain for travelers for many, many years, and yet little has been done to alleviate this highway disaster. Adding and extending HOV lanes farther south will be a help, but it's a drop in the bucket for what is really needed.

Why isn't U.S. 1 at least three lanes in each direction between Alexandria and Fredericksburg? Why hasn't another freeway/toll road been constructed west of I-95 to take traffic off I-95? Where's the planning, short- and long-term? And who designed the I-95/State Route 3 mess by Spotsylvania Towne Centre and Central Park? Why isn't there a bridge over the Rappahannock River west of I-95? Why are there virtually no sidewalks in Stafford County? Why aren't there berms on county roads to allow bicyclists to ride in safety?

I lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area from 1998-2003. What I witnessed in the way of street and highway construction, planning, and the acquiring of road/highway rights of way would and should embarrass the living daylights out of Virginia. There was a can-do attitude in Texas that is missing in Virginia.

Steve Davis