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How can we alleviate gridlock in our area?

Date published: 5/9/2013

Quality of life in the Stafford-Fredericksburg area is decreasing alarmingly. The reason? Lack of planning. I would like to comment on the worsening traffic situation in the Stafford-Quantico area. I work at the Quantico Corporate Center. On May 1, during the morning rush hour, Interstate 95 northbound was shut down at Quantico so an accident victim could be airlifted to the hospital. This was a serious situation, and the road closure had to be done. However, the chaos and traffic snarled traffic on I-95 and U.S. 1 incredibly.

With thousands of people working in the Quantico area, the traffic situation can be stressful and frustrating for commuters. The powers that be in Stafford are good at approving new construction of housing developments and businesses in Stafford County. This is attractive to new ventures entering our area. What these same powers are not good at is creating new roads to get to these new business ventures. The result? A favorable area will become unfavorable due to the traffic. One bad accident can wreak havoc throughout the road system in this area.

One solution? When traffic is as gridlocked as it was that morning, have deputies at all the major intersections on U.S. 1 north. The deputies can direct traffic through red lights and decrease the wait time at the lights. This would move traffic along at a better pace, thus moving traffic faster on State Route 610, U.S. 1, and I-95 north. Just waiting for the normal cycle of the lights creates undue congestion.

A solution is telecommuting/HOT desks for government workers and defense contractors. Building new roads is not in the picture. We need to deal with the roads that we have. Any other solutions, anyone?

Nancy Costas Breckenridge