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Long commute makes up for Spotsy's lower taxes

Date published: 5/14/2013

Long commute makes up for Spotsy's lower taxes

Recently, Russ Moulton wrote that Stafford families shouldn't be paying more local taxes than Spotsylvania residents ["Stafford taxes families too heavily!" April 23].

I don't know where he lives, but my commute to and from State Route 610 (Exit 143) to State Route 3 (Exit 130) can be 30-45 minutes. Do the math. What he pays for in government services, those of us south of the Rappahannock pay for in time as well as dollars.

Moreover, the commute through Stafford and Prince William counties is sure to worsen. The Washington Post recently reported on an 1,800-plus new-home development in Stafford County ["Builder uses commuter angst as a marketing tool," April 20], and the increase in the number of geezers in Prince William County ["PW drawing older residents," May 1].

The misery index exists all along the Interstate 95 corridor and the true measure of equity is that you can only be one of the following: closer or cheaper. In either case, the quality of life for those of us in the I-95 bracket is continually worsening. Just ask the residents of Caroline County or, even, Richmond.

Howard L. Weinstock