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Mural to be added to, not painted over

Date published: 5/16/2013

Mural to be added to, not painted over

Thank you to The Free Lance-Star for the April 25 article on the Spotsylvania mural ["Groups say Spotsy mural should tell 'entire story'"]. You have done a wonderful service to bring this to the public's attention.

Two corrections, however, must be made. Virginia Organizing has worked on this project for two years and the focus has always been to add panels, one on each side of the existing mural--not even physically attached to the mural. It was never to change or paint on the existing mural.

Secondly, Virginia Organizing was called a liberal group. Hard to know where that came from, but Virginia Organizing is nonpartisan. I am a member and a moderate. Virginia Organizing works for social justice, which I believe is a conservative, liberal, moderate, humanitarian value. Virginia Organizing is a grass-roots organization that believes everyone should be represented by and participate in their government.

Jacqueline W. Lewis