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Why try Stewart back here in Virginia?

Date published: 5/17/2013

Why try Stewart back here in Virginia?

Regarding the bomber, Laurence Alan Stewart II: No doubt the young man's mind is out of order. The Stafford County law enforcement agencies did a top-notch job ["Stafford wants shot at Stewart," May 8].

The baton was passed to Montana, who completed the race. The young man was found guilty and is awaiting his fate. Now it appears there is a "fight over the remains" attitude.

I'm sure the people of Montana will hand down justice. But the D.A. wants the body back here in Virginia, for what? I understand the revenge thing and the check in the D.A.'s win column, but Stewart is toast. Move on and save the taxpayers the cost of double-dipping.

Montana is doing Virginia a great favor! If that doesn't satisfy all, then wait till Montana hands down the punishment; if it's lacking, then pursue.

Or we can recall the wisdom of King Solomon: Cut him in half, with half going to Montana, the other half to Virginia.

Olen Manning

Locust Grove