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Ugliness, vitriol closes online comments

Date published: 5/17/2013

Ugliness, vitriol closes online comments

Readers are no longer allowed to comment on Fredericksburg.com on letters to the editor, but readers have only themselves to blame.

At the top of comments, there were rules that said no personal attacks, and no vulgar or defamatory statements. I am gay and for marriage equality, and was called a derogatory term. I am for gun control, and was called an idiot.

Ad hominem comments are not only illogical, they are libelous. Some people believe that defaming me is freedom of speech. Wrong. Freedom of speech does not include the right to libel.

It's too bad people can't disagree without being disagreeable, but they can't. It's like dealing with first-graders, and that's an insult to first-graders.

Finally, I would like to respond to the letter to the editor recently that asked "Who are we to redefine marriage?" [May 5]. Jesus was a great believer in social justice and said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." There are plenty of gay people in Spotsylvania, and they are his neighbors. I don't think Jesus would make an exception for gay people, and it amazes me a so-called Christian would make that statement.

Then again, I am just an idiot. I will miss the online forum where a few of us could discuss opinions like adults. I will not miss the vitriol.

Patrick Victor