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What is 'justice' in the U.S. today?

Date published: 5/19/2013

What is 'justice' in the U.S. today?

This letter is for low-income victims of our judicial system. I can't bring myself to call it a "justice system," except for the fact that it's all "system" and no "justice." This system is designed to do one thing, and one thing only, and by any means necessary, fair and unfair: win.

Every time a defendant is acquitted of a charge, prosecutors appeal to lawmakers with the question: "What law or laws can we pass, amend, or repeal altogether to prevent this from happening again?" This is evident in that they have all but done away with double jeopardy and are trying to do away with Miranda.

This is true of prosecutors, and judges, too. After all, what are judges but trained "yes men" for prosecutors? They claim that their sole purpose is to find the truth. Why is it then that whenever that truth is even the least bit favorable to the defense, do prosecutors try so hard to suppress, exclude, strike, and cover it up? I'll tell you why: That would keep them from winning.

A badge doesn't make a policeman good, or even right. All it does is give that person power over the lives of other people--power to manufacture incriminating "evidence," power to dispose of, or bury exculpatory evidence, and power of "assumed credibility": essentially the power to destroy lives.

Timothy S. Bair