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Perhaps democracy isn't right for all countries

Date published: 5/19/2013

Perhaps democracy isn't right for all countries

Let's say there is an honest Jordanian king ruling with good intentions to help his people, why should it change in the name of democracy? At least at this moment, democracy is not the answer for Jordan.

After Arab Spring, there was huge hype for democracy in the Middle East. The countries that were part of the Arab Spring needed to make that push from their oppressive and corrupt rulers. Democracy is not a "one size fits all" governing system. True, it is a way to help ideas and reforms to happen; however, it is not the answer to everything, anywhere, or anytime.

The Cold War showed that sometimes democracy does not work in all situations. The United States is the leader of the democratic world, and it will be for time to come. However, its location has significant impact on why it is democratic. Unlike the U.S., Jordan is neighbored by violent Syria, a warring Israel, an uncertain Egypt, and troubled by the politically charged Palestinian refugee situation. These are huge security concerns. This translates to a slow, uphill battle for democracy that King Abdullah II wants for his country.

Jordan's tumultuous neighbors are why Jordan should not make a push for democracy. In the future Jordan could well become a democratically elected government similar to U.S. or even change its monarchy to a showpiece, much like Spain. However, now is time for King Abdullah II to utilize his absolute power to take Jordan where he envisions without democratic pressures.

Logan Martinez