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Instant citizenship for immigrants? Insanity!

Date published: 5/19/2013

Instant citizenship for immigrants? Insanity!

Our trusted leaders are preparing a bill that would legalize all illegal immigrants in one action. Insanity! Clearly it is being done for political reasons: votes.

The Democrats instigated it, and Republicans, afraid they will lose the immigrants' votes if the bill is passed, are going along with it in hopes of obtaining an equal or better share of votes.

The bill is considering letting the relatives of those already legalized to come into the country for free.

Insanity! Our country is already heavily burdened with taking care of 11 million illegals already. What will happen if we let in 4 million or 5 million more?

Our ancestors came to this country legally. They learned the language and studied hard to pass the tests that grant citizenship. Illegals came to this country illegally. That means they broke the law. For breaking the law, we are going to reward them by giving them instant citizenship.

In my mind this severely tarnishes what it means to be a citizen. And what does this tell them about our laws? Our leaders do not want to settle problems the hard way. They will take the easy way out, regardless of what happens as a result. Ah, yes, they will get the votes. That is, if the new citizens care to vote.

It's disgusting. America is going downhill rapidly.

Deo T. Hardman

Locust Grove