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Justice must be done: Fully investigate Benghazi

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Date published: 5/19/2013

It took two years of hearings and investigations concerning the Watergate incident in 1972, which was just a bungled burglary at DNC headquarters in which nobody died. The resulting cover-up by President Nixon and his cronies finally forced Nixon to resign the presidency or face impeachment. The burglars and some conspirators went to jail, as they should have. Justice was served in the end.

Benghazi, however, is much bigger than Watergate and much more serious. It is not about Republicans or Democrats. It is about truth versus lies. Those who are culpable in failing to provide needed assistance when the U.S. Consulate was under attack, which ultimately led to the deaths of four Americans, should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty, criminal negligence, the conspiracy of subsequent lies, deceit and cover-up, and obstruction of justice. The 30 survivors of Benghazi must be heard, the truth must be revealed, and justice must be done for the deceased victims and their families.

Without justice, there can be no real closure. If the careers of certain politicians and their co-conspirators in the media are ended as a result, then so be it. They will be the casualties of their own perfidy, and will have done it to themselves. Let the truth about Benghazi be revealed to the nation. Let the results, however onerous they may be to some, be what they will.

Greg Harrod