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Life boils down to this: Eat or be eaten

Date published: 5/31/2013

Life boils down to this: Eat or be eaten

In Jeff Mackey's op-ed "Remember the animal moms: Eat vegan" [May 11], Mackey tries to get sympathy from readers by explaining the mother-offspring bond in kind, touching ways.

I realize that how modern mankind harvests animals for slaughter/consumption is not for the weak-hearted. But neither is seeing a mother cheetah teaching her brood how to take down an impala and choking it to death.

In many instances, the prey is still in its death throes when it is being devoured. The same goes for a mother hawk swooping down to nab a small animal, bring it to her nest, and teach her little ones how to tear the meal apart and eat.

Mackey should remember that in nature, life is basically killing to eat, and avoiding being killed and eaten.

Dan Janzegers