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Won't someone else step up and run in Spotsy?

Date published: 6/3/2013

Won't someone else step up and run in Spotsy?

Residents of the Berkeley District, please find a candidate to oppose Spotsylvania School Board member Gilbert Seaux in November. You deserve a choice.

I have reviewed documents from the Spotsylvania School Board and concluded the following about Seaux's four consecutive years as Board chairman:

Seaux charged taxpayers $5,680 for 677 trips to the school administrative office averaging $120 per month for four years..

During one 15-month period, Seaux took your tax dollars for travel to the administrative office to read his emails 122 different times.

While acting as former school superintendent Jerry Hill's loyal lieutenant on the Board, instead of saving tax dollars by calling Hill on the telephone, Seaux charged taxpayers to personally meet with Hill 146 times.

Seaux took your tax dollars to meet with various county supervisors at Southpoint II, Harrison's Crossing, Cosner's Corner, and Ukrop's Cafe and the Holbert Building 37 times; then he dutifully reported back to Hill.

Seaux led the Board to spend more than $5,300 of your tax dollars on legal fees in the public disciplinary proceedings against fellow Board members Amanda Blalock and Ray Lora in 2010 and 2011.

Gilbert Seaux's travel claims were discussed publicly by the Board, yet he remains silent about taking your money for activities not assigned to him by Board approval. Instead of representing the Berkeley District, Seaux represented Jerry Hill, thus compromising the separation of duties between the Board and superintendent.

I have documentation of the above information about Gilbert Seaux's activities.

Ronald N. Fiske