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Heartless VDOT resists installing light

Date published: 6/11/2013

Heartless VDOT resists installing light

I applaud your efforts in support of the King George woman seeking help from VDOT in the installation of a stoplight at the scene of a traffic fatality ["Grieving woman asks VDOT for stoplight," June 5].

In December 2006 my wife died as the result of a traffic accident at the intersection of Balls Bluff Road and Spotsylvania Parkway. The intersection has an arterial stop for the Balls Bluff traffic and (only recently) a flashing caution for the Spotsylvania traffic.

The Virginia Heritage Home Owners Association has been in negotiation with VDOT and the builder for our area requesting the installation of a traffic light at that intersection since 2006. The response has been nothing but bureaucratic blather.

A committee of concerned residents has sought to satisfy all requests for justification for the traffic light installation. VDOT and its cronies have resisted all arguments. This has turned into a classic Catch-22 situation. As a sole resident I feel I have no recourse.

Is there any decency and compassion left in our governing agencies? How many more need to die at this intersection before there is action?

Roy J. Dittamo