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Cuccinelli family impressed me

Date published: 6/12/2013

Cuccinelli family impressed me

I met the Cuccinelli family years ago, before the name became universally recognizable--at least in Virginia.

They arrived at my humble backwoods abode in response to an ad I had placed in The Free Lance-Star. I had iron weights and bars for sale.

The young family had three or four children--I can't remember which--and the kids needed weight-lifting equipment. Another couple was there for the same reason. Luckily I had enough "iron" to satisfy both.

I remember the Cuccinellis for several reasons. They seemed a model family--happy, outgoing, communicative, and respectful. They wanted to pay for the weights with a personal check. I had never before accepted a check from strangers.

Being a natural skeptic, I examined the check closely. Mrs. Cuccinelli showed me the checkbook in an effort to ease my fears. It all seemed genuine. That and the overall impression the family had made on me in the course of their visit made me conclude I was not being conned.

I accepted their check and had no regrets. I'll vote Cuccinelli for governor. I think he's the real thing.

Eckel Davis