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Big Bang theory demands faith in science page 3

Date published: 6/13/2013


The language of the cosmos is mathematics, and I'm not talking here about Algebra II. To play the cosmology game, you must be able to do the math. If you can't, you're not only not in the game, you're not even in the stadium. The Big Bang theory is widely accepted among scientists who can do the math because it offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena. They like it because it works and there is nothing better on offer at the moment. That is how science is supposed to operate. They'll tell you it works really well, but only up to a point. It says nothing about what happened before the Big Bang and even for the first few moments (10 to the minus 22 seconds) after it occurred. And lately, because of new discoveries, it's gotten a bit flaky about what happens in the distant future. It's not perfect, and no self-respecting scientist would ever represent it as being otherwise.

In cosmology, theoretical physics, neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, and you name it, we mortals have no choice but to take the word of the scientists simply because they can do it and we can't. That can really stick in one's craw.

Of course, everyone is free to reject everything about science or to accept only those things that seem to square with a "sacred" text written before science even existed. It's your choice.

Dennis Carraway lives in Fredericksburg.

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