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Table the zoning of Signature Station

Date published: 6/13/2013

Table the zoning of Signature Station

What a quagmire we have regarding the zoning of Signature Station. On the one hand, it appears that Orange County has the potential to reap serious dollars for its coffers. But based on a declaration by Signature Station--that the proposed 230 townhouses would produce a mere 40 children for our schools, regardless of which "expert" supplied the number--makes all its statements suspect.

Even using Chinese family-planning guidelines, that number is off base. On the other hand, financial gain would come from the residents of Somerset Farm becoming prisoners to the traffic on Route 708.

There must be a rational reason why no entrance that serves as the main road for egress and ingress to any residential community off State Route 3 has been impeded by construction of big-box, traffic-producing stores on both sides of their roadway--not even Heatherstone Drive, where BJ's is located.

Unless the supervisors sincerely believe that traffic on State Route 708 will be manageable, that there won't be a sharp increase in accidents--many serious--then it has an obligation to at least table the request of Signature Station until Walmart is open and running for a while.

Margaret Meskunas

Locust Grove