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Re: a baseball stadium, cheap won't work

Date published: 6/21/2013

Re: a baseball stadium, cheap won't work

Having seen various professional baseball facilities, minor and major league, it might be prudent for Fredericksburg decision-makers to take the time to go see existing fields (Hagerstown, Richmond, and Frisco, Texas). Such a venue should not be under-built.

There is a world of difference between the feel, and profitability, of a 5,000-capacity stadium versus a 10,000-seater. Cheaper may be shortsighted, whereas a modestly greater outlay at the inception would render a much more enticing venue, wider flexibility of use, more income to the city, and an enduring landmark for this area.

Sadly, Fredericksburg is a small area and has a modest population and budget; but it is the crown jewel for the soon to be 1 million greater Fredericksburg-area people who claim it as home.

This wider population is the one that will decide the success or failure of the stadium. Do not go cheap and frumpy on this one. It would be better to not build at all than to build it and they not come.

Gregg Holmes

King George