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'Silversburg' residents will get the bill for baseball stadium

Date published: 6/27/2013

'Silversburg' residents will get the bill for baseball stadium

I am addressing the letter from Sean McCollum ["I'm now part-owner of a baseball team!" June 20]. He is right-on. This is how the town of Silversburg conducts its business--undercover, with no regard for its residents or the surrounding communities. And if you don't go along with what they want, we get a rant and everything is done in secret, much like our federal government today with no transparency.

The FLS has been rude to our Spotsylvania supervisors who oppose the toll road that includes mostly Spotsylvania County land--remember, we are a county of 100,000 residents, and Fredericksburg has only 26,000 and has been running the show for too long--because the Silver Cos. want the taxpayers to pay $400,000 to put in a toll road only for the advancement of Silver enterprises.

Mr. McCollum hit it on the head when he said Silversburg wants this new harebrained idea of a 5,000-seat baseball stadium and a team from Hagerstown, Md.--who the heck are they, anyway?--and Silversburg residents will have to pay for it. They will know nothing about what went on at the meetings, and then have a bogus done-deal residents meeting, pay people to be all for it, and ignore the residents and surrounding counties that have to live with it.

What is wrong with this picture?

Nancy Lee Cole