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Spotsy spent how much for re-enactment?

Date published: 6/30/2013

Spotsy spent how much for re-enactment?

I just read with bewilderment that Spotsylvania County spent more than the budgeted $130,000 on costs related to the re-enactment in May, not even including an outrageous $30,000 for a mediocre, static website ["Re-enactment is costly for Spotsy," June 22]. Yet the county won't pony up a few dollars for a dog park?

I often think about moving back to the area to be close to family, but it's misguided county leadership like this that keeps me from actually making the move.

History is great and re-enactments are fun learning experiences. Indeed, my great-great-grandfather Reuben Doty fought with the Orange Blossoms out of Port Jervis, N.Y., and was wounded in battle at Chancellorsville, so I have a personal connection. But Spotsylvania should really think about making long-term investments in things that improve quality of life, like parks and other public spaces, to bring people together outside of their homes to form living communities.

Cookie-cutter subdivisions and strip malls filled with national chains do not a community make, even with occasional weekend historic re-enactments thrown in.

James Doty

Charleston, S.C.