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Amtrak, please fix our Fredericksburg station!

Date published: 7/17/2013

I want to agree with Marty Miller and his poem "Ode to Amtrak" (July 9). I, too, ride the Amtrak train to northern destinations.

The Fredericksburg station is pathetic!

Why is it so difficult for Amtrak to install electronic signs at this station? The way it is now, riders are at risk of being on the wrong side of the tracks when the train comes.

What is the technological way we find out which side of the tracks is correct? We ask other riders if they know which side is northbound and which side is southbound.

Invariably, they aren't sure either. Therefore we are all in doubt. When Amtrak does finally announce the upcoming trains, the sound is so garbled that no one understands it! Also, it leaves little time to get to the other side of the tracks (if that is necessary).

What about older riders and the handicapped? Someone is going to get hurt doing this. Is this any way to treat Amtrak customers? We deserve some courtesy for the money we paid for our tickets!

Is this the best Amtrak can do for the Fredericksburg station? It really looks like Amtrak does not care about this station at all. But I'm sure they would not want our business to go away. Why do big corporations wait until someone is hurt or killed before they make safety changes? The time to make the changes is now before a tragic event happens.

So, Amtrak, have a heart--please install electronic signs at the Fredericksburg station. The signs need to have the upcoming trains on them and the track they will be arriving at--this will go a long way to bringing this station into the modern age and show travelers that we do count for something.

Also, please address the safety issue here--that station is a big building and walking around it at night, when arriving on a train, can be daunting and scary. The police need to patrol it more often.

Nancy Costas Breckenridge