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The emperor and family get a free vacation

 President Barack Obama took his extended family with him on a recent--and expensive--trip to Africa.
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Date published: 7/21/2013

The imperial president has returned from his $100 million trip cementing relations with African countries that offer no advantage to us, diplomatically or economically. It amounts to a paid vacation for him and his extended family including a mother-in-law, among others.

Contrast that with the "sequestration" constraints imposed principally on military bases--no fireworks, swimming pools closed--and petty, annoying actions aimed at those not supportive of the emperor. The three major scandals hovering around this president have disappeared from the news, accomplishing Obama's purposes, or, rather, the compliant news media's.

What is even more distressing is Obama's plan to bypass Congress, pushing his ideologically driven agenda using edicts carried out by the various agencies, including the EPA.

He has been re-elected, unfortunately and undeniably, by the usual suspects, and we will suffer 3 more years of the decline of our great country because our "leader" is not happy here.

Leonard Bogaev