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High-tech solutions for K.G. connection woes

Date published: 7/21/2013

High-tech solutions for K.G. connection woes

King George residents need not feel disconnected ["K.G. residents feel disconnected," June 28]. You can greatly improve spotty broadband Internet service inside your home by connecting an external (but indoor) antenna to your air card, which is just a two-way radio that has a tiny, ineffective built-in antenna. Only the "trucker" model by Wilson has high gain in both 3G and 4G bands and also has a built-in ground plane. Find it online, along with the necessary "pigtail" cable that adapts to the air card's antenna jack, which may be hidden under a pullout plug or liftoff hatch. Specify the air card's make and model when ordering the pigtail.

My antenna gives me broadband service in my house that is always available and rock steady, with the advertised 4G speeds, in a rural location where connectivity is otherwise so poor that my neighbors have to go outdoors to make cellphone calls. An indoor antenna may not ensure connectivity inside a home that has metal siding or a metal roof, which can block radio waves.

Sam Overman

King George