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Stafford County: In great shape!

Date published: 8/21/2013

Stafford County: In great shape!

I was born and raised in Stafford County. Early in my life, I left Stafford for a business career, and wound up living in three different states for a total of 40 years.

When I retired I moved back "home" in 2001 to Stafford. I have always been interested in the decisions and policies of local governing bodies to judge the effect of such action on my family and business.

Accordingly, I have observed Stafford for the last 12 years. In my opinion, Stafford is in the best condition right now that I have seen here or elsewhere.

Our bond rating, which is a result of fiscal soundness, is excellent. It allows us to borrow money at a relatively low interest rate when we issue bonds. The elimination of the BPOL tax and the boat tax are extremely helpful to the business community to build and expand. Real estate taxes have been reduced. All of this has been done by a Board of Supervisors that is fiscally responsible and uses good judgment. Most of these policies have been achieved with overwhelming support.

The board has also addressed our core responsibilities. Education and public safety are absolute priorities, and our schools, crime prevention and prosecution are excellent. Parks and recreation facilities are improving. I walk at Pratt Park almost every day and can see the result of efforts to make it more user-friendly with trails and other features. I am proud to be a citizen of this well-managed county.

I congratulate the board for looking out for the best interests of Stafford citizens.

Richard Chichester