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Murder is alarming, regardless of race

Date published: 9/5/2013

Murder is alarming, regardless of race

Just a few words about Donnie Johnston's Aug. 23 column ["King's dream should never be forgotten"].

First of all, I wish liberals would stop making Mahatma Gandhi such a hero.

But, Donnie, why do you state Mr. King would be saddened knowing of the violence that persists in inner cities and "the increasing incidence of young black men killing other black men"?

Mr. Johnston, black men killing anyone--black, white, yellow, or red--should alarm our society. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would probably echo Donnie's statement. The recent black on white murders do not receive enough press coverage.

The thug culture has to be controlled. White, black, yellow, or red, we should all be concerned about the recent murders. Donnie, stop being so PC. We are all Americans with equal rights and a duty to be peaceful, law-abiding citizens, not thugs.

John Clatterbuck