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Forget the air-headed Trayvon theories

Date published: 9/6/2013

Forget the air-headed Trayvon theories

When I started working at the CIA in the mid-1960s, the Vietnam war was raging. I worked on the Vietnam desk. Sometimes, if something big happened, they'd put the office on 24-hour duty, 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

I always chose to work the night shift. Our shift had this oddly entertaining kid on it named Jerry from somewhere in the Midwest. One night Jerry had a riddle for us:

Q. If a four-legged canoe was rowing down a mountain, how many flapjacks would it take to cover a dog house?

A. Eight! Bananas don't have ears!

That is totally nonsensical. So why would I think about it after all these decades? It came back to me when I read the Aug. 5 letter from Herman Harke and his convoluted theory of the murder of Trayvon Martin ["Stand your ground? Or a license to lie?"]. Lord, even the folks at Fox News aren't that wigged out!

Will Ross