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Medical professionals were so courteous!

Date published: 9/11/2013

Medical professionals were so courteous!

On Aug. 11, my husband had an unexpected medical issue that made it necessary for him to see Urology Associates of Fredericksburg.

On Aug. 12, Barbara was able to schedule him an appointment with Dr. Sell for that day at their Spotsylvania location. After examination, it was determined that he required a CT scan. Tammy stayed over her normal time in the office to fulfill the requirements of scheduling this for the next day in Stafford. By the time we got home from their office, she had left a clear, concise message on our answering machine confirming his appointment.

Tammy had also scheduled my husband's second office appointment for Aug. 15 to receive the scan results by the time of this call. When meeting with Dr. Sell and his nurse, Donna, we were met with the most professional service.

Thanks again to all of the staff at Urology Associates of Fredericksburg as well as Vera, Katrina, and Joshua of Medical Imaging of North Stafford for the excellent medical service received during what could have been an intimidating time.

It was great to observe such unselfish, considerate people. We could certainly benefit by having more like them in our day-to-day lives.

Dottie Vint