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Hanoi Jane as first lady? No thank you!

Date published: 9/12/2013

Hanoi Jane as first lady? No thank you!

"The Butler," a 2013 movie featuring "Barefoot in the Park" Jane Fonda who, after becoming a traitor, is now playing America's first lady, Nancy Reagan. Her "versatile" artistry may grab you as it does me as totally inappropriate. Well, here is one Marine, now theater operator, who will pass up the money for what many would consider a more appropriate response to the role casting.

Snopes covers Fonda's timely filming-related apologies. The point is, she did what she felt in her heart was right and became Hanoi Jane, thus separating herself from a stateside protest that might have influenced war-happy government thinking with the intent to swing the spotlight on herself rather than the movement.

She and her "timely" apologies should be rewarded with theater attendance only from those with short memories. She should have declined being cast as an American first lady; in lieu of that, I'll pass on an otherwise popular movie out of respect for those who served their nation.

Bruce Dieter