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Animal shelter conditions: Deplorable!

Date published: 9/12/2013

Animal shelter conditions: Deplorable!

Last winter, I was staying with my parents for a short period. In January, my father and I visited the Stafford County Animal Shelter.

I had intentions of volunteering there to occupy my time. Once we entered the shelter, the lobby smelled so putrid that it made me regret having the ability to smell. Before we toured the rest of the shelter, two women at the front desk warned us not to come in contact with the dogs or their cages.

We proceeded to tour through different areas of the shelter as I covered my nose and mouth with my jacket. The dog kennels smelled so malodorous that I wanted to go back to the lobby! We passed two malicious pit bulls that lunged toward my father and me, from inside their enclosures. At home, my father removed everything he was wearing to be washed since he couldn't get the smell off of his clothes.

It was just a few days later when I had read a list of animals from this shelter that had descriptions and were up for adoption. This list was written in The Free Lance-Star. I thoroughly understand that all animals are deserving of good homes, but these animals need to be reformed before they are given to anyone. I have visited numerous animal shelters from different counties in Virginia, D.C., and even Franklin, Tenn. The Stafford County Animal Shelter is deplorable. Stafford County must start giving the animal shelter a larger amount of money so they have the means to give the animals a proper home until they are adopted.

Susan Cousins