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War in Syria: Who are we to 'punish'?

Date published: 9/12/2013

War in Syria: Who are we to 'punish'?

Why does war in Syria concern us? Who are we, the United States of America, to decide that we must "punish" any other government for its actions? What stance would we take, if another government attempted to gather international support to "punish" us for what it perceives as an injustice?

Granted, the use of chemical weapons has been made illegal by a treaty signed by many nations. Was Syria one of the signatories? Who are we to enforce the statutes of a treaty on a government that may not be a voluntary participant in that treaty?

The use of chemical weapons on their own people was morally wrong. In reviewing options to deal with Syria and Assad over this, however, the U.S. needs to keep one thing in mind: The Arab/Muslim countries/cultures place a different value on human life than we do. While individuals may feel as we do, the collective societies and ruling classes/governments do not. Their religious beliefs are different from ours, and that is what their society is based on.

The U.S. must keep its nose out of something that does not concern it. This "civil war" in Syria, while it may be causing turmoil in the Middle East, is not something that a limited strike or an all-out military offensive will halt or reduce. These religious sects have been killing each other for hundreds of years and will continue to do so until one or the other is destroyed.

Charles Vroman

King George