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'Government assurance' not enough to go to war

Date published: 9/12/2013

I am deeply distressed about the article, "Syria's sarin attack poses moral puzzle," on Sept. 8. How can anyone talk about "moral puzzles" without mentioning the attack on Libya as a war crime, and that planning an act of war on Syria is one, as well? How can anyone seriously go to war based upon U.S. government assurance that it knows the facts when it can't produce them?

If we were fooled in 2003 by a lying secretary of state, then shame on us for accepting the same logic again! There are no facts supporting the position that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its people--especially three days after the arrival of a U.N. chemical warfare investigating team. After two years of war by terrorists recruited by Qatar and financed by Saudi Arabia ($100 a day--Chechens, Brits, Libyans--all not Syrian citizens). There is plenty of evidence that contradicts what the U.S. government is saying. Where is that in this article? It comes from the AP and reporters' reliance on unidentified "government sources." If I can find respectable intelligence, what has happened to professional journalists who have not?

I just switched from the Gray Water (Washington) Post because I found your paper better serving my news needs. It's a very pleasing paper. I can't tell you how distressed I am to find you parroting mainstream media. Pollution is everywhere, I guess. I will continue my subscription, even though the digital edition won't play on an old G5 Mac. Please keep up with the news you do publish, as I genuinely admire your overall work.

Mac McPhillips