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Hit-and-run proved it: Seat belts do save lives

Date published: 9/18/2013

Hit-and-run proved it: Seat belts do save lives

This is a big "thank you" to all those who helped out in the hit-and-run accident that happened on Aug. 31.

On our way home on State Route 208 at the intersection of Leavells Road, our truck was struck, overturned, and landed in a ditch. The other driver kept going.

Passers-by helped my husband and me out of our F-150. A couple of men helped to get my husband out as he was having a hard time maneuvering his legs after he got his seat belt undone.

I remember hearing a lady ask how many people and where we were located in the truck. Then I recall her saying she was going to break the glass on my side. I do not recall exactly how I got out, because I had a hard time getting out of the seat belt that I finally did get undone. When I did, I started to cry about my truck, which was my child.

Robin, who said she was a volunteer, tried to keep me calm. I saw another guy in a gray shirt--not sure how he may have been involved. Robin stayed with me until the rescue crew came. I believe some others followed the driver that hit us. An ambulance ride with Harry and Chris, and off to the hospital I went.

We are lucky to have come out of this with just scrapes, bruises, aches, and pains.

Seat belts do save lives. Thank you to all involved in this rescue.

Rina H. and James Stewart