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Circus performance, animals, were terrific

Date published: 9/18/2013

Circus performance, animals, were terrific

On Sept. 4, I took both grandsons to Cole Bros. Circus. At 5 years and 3 years of age, they had quite an experience.

I have a couple of issues--not with the circus, but the letter to editor on Sept. 5 about circus animal abuse ["Circus animals no better off than Vick's dogs"]. Our family witnessed no such abuse. From dogs to tigers, ponies to elephants, all received proper handling, and were rewarded with fresh bananas, carrots, etc., after each act. I am familiar with what a bullhook can do to elephants, and none showed fright or were dirty or mistreated. Furthermore, no act was too strenuous.

I also thought The Free Lance-Star showed poor judgment in running the letter between the two dates the circus was here. I'm sure the advertising department had no problem taking the circus's ad money for two weeks prior to the shows.

It was a wonderful show, well-presented, and family-oriented. All had a good time.

Don Diehl

King George