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Despite shootings, lobbies will get their way page 2
How D.C. tried to protect itself from the Navy Yard shootings

Date published: 9/24/2013


Whether the Navy Yard shooter obtained his guns legally or not, a discussion about the role of gun violence in the United States will likely once again grip our popular politics. And, once again, the gun lobby will just as likely sweep away any commonsense approach to gun ownership while calling for more guns.

President Obama's campaign for even modest and popular gun law reform following the Sandy Hook massacre produced little more than shows of empathy as the NRA flexed its lobby muscle and members of Congress from both parties bowed and hid.

After the slaughters of college students, elementary children, theater-goers, military members, and even the debilitating shooting of one of its own, it is clear that Congress as it is currently occupied will not muster the courage to pass legislation that protects the nation because it refuses to challenge gun manufacturers and their lobbies.

This has got to end.

Clarence Lusane is a professor of comparative and regional studies program at the School of International Service at American University. He wrote this for Progressive Media Project.

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