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In memoriam, Paul Akers

Date published: 9/24/2013


A history buff, Mr. Akers loved "anniversary" editorials and Civil War pieces. His "Know Your Rights" series on the Bill of Rights in 2005 was worthy of use in a classroom. Religion, often banned by editorial page editors, was an allowable subject, because Mr. Akers saw spirituality as a big part of life. A Marine and Vietnam veteran, his memories of that conflict both haunted and inspired him. Though a deep thinker and an able polemicist, his vibrant sense of humor filled the office with infectious laughter.

A tall figure (6 foot 5 inches), Mr. Akers could often be seen walking down William Street in his suit and his summer fedora toward Hyperion, sometimes stopping in briefly at the Virginia Partners Bank where his beloved wife, Karen, worked. A caring boss, loving family man, and compassionate community member, in the end it was his heart that gave out. His legacy never will.

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