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Stafford Board was forward-thinking

Date published: 9/30/2013

A few weeks ago, I attended a Stafford County Board of Supervisors meeting that focused on the proposed waste-to-energy facility.

Many people have heavily criticized the board and the proposal.

The facility's potential health hazards were brought up repeatedly, and with a direct complaint toward the board's inconsiderate thinking.

One woman spent her three minutes of speaking to scrutinize the members of the Board, stating that they were not "representing the people."

I do not disagree that the facility can have risks, but I disagree with the statement that the Board of Supervisors is not representing the people.

The members of the board of Supervisors are elected to represent the people by making decisions involving current and future public issues. In response to the recent proposal, they have done just that.

Praise should be what the board receives from the public rather than condemnation.

Waste management is and will be a growing issue for future generations considering the current world population. The consideration of a waste-to-energy facility in Stafford County is addressing a future problem before it becomes a crisis.

A very similar problem exists with fuel; we have plenty of oil for now, but what happens when the supply is depleted?

Addressing basic public logistics with a technologically advanced solution was an attempt for a long-term solution. Maybe it is not the best solution, but that should not open the door for people to tell the county leadership they are doing a terrible job.

I congratulate the board for joining the few who have considered a waste-to-energy facility.

Joshua Goldsmith