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The challenge of the Oneness Theory

Date published: 10/8/2013

The challenge of the Oneness Theory

On July 27, I wrote a letter to the editor titled "I have a theory." The title may have a trace of unintentional egotism, but probably many have believed this theory without openly endorsing it.

The theory portrays God not as a creator, but as an infinite existent life form, one that encompassed all organic and inorganic matter including humans, which makes them part of God. This theory is called the Oneness Theory because it exemplifies the belief that everything in existence is one, and what we call and worship collectively as God. Everything is God, and God is everything.

The Oneness Theory is a direct challenge to the big-bang and genesis theories. If you are a scientist, cleric, or scholar and have the courage to support or discredit any existing theories of life's origin, write to The Free Lance-Star, but be sure your response is logical and without malice.

Unless science and religion collaborate, they will never find God. God is both spirit and matter, indivisible, and an inseparable form of life. This is the contention of Oneness Theory.

E. N. Goodridge