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Salespeople, ask for photo ID, please

Date published: 10/8/2013

Salespeople, ask for photo ID, please

I read Deo T. Hardman's letter about retailers not asking for identification for purchases made with credit cards ["Shoppers and retailers must be more careful," Oct. 2].

How true, how true! I've only found a few places where the cashier will ask for identification. Usually, it's the small-business owner who will ask for ID.

On the back of my cards, I have written "Ask for photo ID" in the signature line. Practically no one turns the card over and then asks me for my ID.

I don't understand how anyone can go into a big-box store and use a card to purchase gift cards and not be asked for some identification. Where's management? Shouldn't the purchase be checked before it's rung up on the cash register?

I guess it's like every place nowadays: "It's not my job!" That's why crooks get away with the crime. No one is willing to take a few minutes to ask for a driver's license.

Becky Hubbard