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House GOP leaders behave like juveniles

Date published: 10/8/2013

House GOP leaders behave like juveniles

Washington is burning, and our esteemed Republican congressional leaders are fiddling--badly!

We send our elected representatives and our tax dollars to Washington to govern effectively, to do the work of the people.

If you don't have a majority in both chambers of Congress and like-minded thinking in the Oval Office, then you must negotiate and compromise to advance your agenda.

The juvenile behavior of the House's Republican leadership--including Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, and Mr. Wittman--is not what the people of Virginia expect from their government.

It is past time for them to start acting like seasoned veterans. If they don't abandon their current strategy, then the GOP will suffer dearly in November 2014. Our representatives need to remember that in order to affect change in Washington, one must first be elected to serve.

Voters may have a short memory, but I think we will remember this debacle--and who was responsible for it--for a long time.

William Mullins