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Chasen will work hard to create local jobs

Date published: 10/9/2013

Chasen will work hard to create local jobs

I've been watching the Orange County District 4 supervisor's race with some degree of interest.

I have gotten a chance to know Jonathan Chasen over the last six years and admire his degree of interest in improving the lives of all Orange County residents. He is an innovator and a problem solver.

One issue is of particular concern to me. As a baseball coach for the last six years with both East Orange Little League and the Orange Youth Sports Foundation, we've found it difficult to find volunteers for coaching and umpiring.

Mr. Chasen and I both believe that more plentiful jobs for our talented workforce will lead to more dependable community volunteers to help our children. It's hard to help out when you spend four hours in a car every day.

I know he'll work hard to have responsible development that leads to more job opportunities.

Please join me in supporting Jonathan Chasen for supervisor this fall.

Luke Ratliff