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Cuccinelli spends our money on his agenda

Date published: 10/9/2013

Cuccinelli spends our money on his agenda

In keeping up with the governor's race, one thing has been very apparent from the beginning:

Ken Cuccinelli has not had a problem spending state funds for his own agenda--from wanting to suppress findings of a U.Va. professor about climate change that cost well over $600,000 (I wonder how many people could have good jobs with that money), to stating that the gifts he received from Star Scientific had no monetary value (which was the reason he gave for not paying the company's CEO back). This was prior to donating the value of what he received to charity.

Regarding abortion, every person I saw on the review boards that are set up to monitor abortion clinics was male. Until I see a man go through pregnancy, birth, and responsibility for every part of a person's life from birth to death, then the decision should be between God, my doctor, and me.

Susan Wyndham