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Home football at SHS! Good job, people

Date published: 10/9/2013

Home football at SHS! Good job, people

Stafford High School recently hosted a great home Friday-night football game. Yes, it was a home game!

Remember all of the fuss about the high school's rebuilding preventing home football games? I want to commend Falmouth School Board member Meg Bohmke and her colleagues on the School Board for working out so many details that, at times, seemed very difficult.

For many years we tried to address the academic and safety needs at Stafford High School by rebuilding the school. The School Board and the Board of Supervisors finally got it done, working through difficult challenges. The construction process is going smoothly and to top it all off, they saved home football games!

They had a small vocal group of critics, so I thought I would offer a little praise. Congratulations and thanks to them for working hard for the kids and our community. We really appreciate it!

Al Venit