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Framers of our nation would be shocked

Date published: 10/9/2013

Framers of our nation would be shocked

The Democrats really haven't helped the poor during the last 35 years overall. The number of poor has changed very little.

They've created bigger government with thousands of ways to spend billion of dollars. Can you tell me 25 programs that have helped the poor get out of poverty? That should be easy, right?

Now the Democrats push Obamacare. This is everyone's fault.

Most people thought Obamacare was to get care for the many millions who had no health care--not to revamp health care for all 310 million in this country and make it mandatory, to boot.

The framers never realized we'd have 600-plus moronic representatives one day who'd vote for a bill none had ever read. It's idiotic beyond belief.

Ed MacMichael

Locust Grove