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I believe Cuccinelli will keep his word

Date published: 10/9/2013

I believe Cuccinelli will keep his word

It the fog of TV ads, it can become easy to lose sight of what elections are about. The choice we make in November is more than choosing who manages the government--it's choosing who is charged with protecting our freedom.

This governor's election is a choice between a principled approach to government or politics as usual. Ken Cuccinelli holds his positions because he actually believes in them. Terry McAuliffe is man dedicated to politics.

I don't agree with Cuccinelli on everything, but I know that he will keep his word and govern in a thoughtful manner. I'd rather he have deeply held beliefs that I might not completely agree with than be a shallow political hack.

McAuliffe's strategy seems to be summed up in his attack ads; he tries to convince us not to vote for Cuccinelli, rather than giving us reasons why we should vote for McAuliffe.

Cuccinelli is principled and competent, a far cry from the caricature McAuliffe paints. McAuliffe is shallow and political, seeking only to win.

Nathan Gray