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Why not regulate insurance companies?

Date published: 10/10/2013

Why not regulate insurance companies?

Politicians will say whatever they think will get votes or whatever they think their constituents want to hear. The president's health care plan will cut the profit margin of health insurance companies. Congressmen whose constituents are insurance companies are willing to shut down the government rather than have the plan take effect.

At the last election, some of the same congressmen talked about the economy and jobs. Now they are damaging the economy. They courted our veterans for their votes. Now they are willing to shut down VA health facilities and war memorials.

I'm a veteran. I can't afford insurance and would not be able to get VA health care if not for the president's plan.

Americans are afraid of government health care. I think about the student loan system and, if the government did for health care what it has done for education, I'd be worried. Education in America is not the best quality, but it is the highest priced.

The same is true of health care--it's not the best, just the most expensive. It comes from bad politics and bad leadership. The government shutdown is the result of the same kind of bad politics and bad leadership.

No one likes the government telling us what to do or running our lives, but we want the government to be responsible.

I'm a Realtor, and the government tells me what to do in the conduct of my business. The real estate business is better for it. The government makes the real estate profession treat you fairly. What's wrong with making the insurance business treat you fairly, too?

John Sterne